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Teknetics Metal Detector Field Test Reports

Teknetics T2 Field Test

The first thing one notices after unpacking the T2 is the unique appearance followed by its apparent weight (or lack thereof). While the entire detector with batteries weighs around 3.5 pounds and the ergonomics make it almost perfectly balances which makes it feel even lighter………

By Andy Sabisch
September, 2006 issue of Lost Treasure

Teknetics Delta 4000 Field Test -

This field test report is actually the first of a three-part series that will cover the newest additions to the Teknetics line of metal detectors. As the series unfolds, you will not only find out about the features and performance of their newest detectors but also some background information about the company, hear from the engineers that designed them and see where Teknetics is heading in terms of product development and support of the hobby. Let’s start with a quick look at the Teknetics family tree….

By Andy Sabisch
April, 2010 issue of Lost Treasure

Teknetics Delta 4000 Review

The Teknetics T2 has developed quite a cult-like following since its release! With good reason…It is powerful, lightweight and innovative. It is chock full of useful features that appeal to advanced users in this wonderful hobby.

The Teknetics name has long been synonymous with performance…this began with its origin by the legendary George Payne in the 1980’s. and that did not change when it was purchased by First Texas Products of El Paso, Texas a few years ago. That’s when detector design Guru David Johnson began working with Engineers John Gardiner and Jorge A. Saad to develop a new line of detectors for Teknetics. This takes us to the latest Metal Detector to join the Teknetics line, the Delta...


Mark Ellington


Teknetics Omega 8000 Review and 11" DD coil

I dare say this is the "calmest" metal detector I've ever calm, I mean there's nearly no (as in ZERO) audio noise when it's set correctly..and when you're not hitting an accepted target. Do not be fooled...just because it's quiet does NOT mean it's not sensitive! The Omega hit targets both in my test garden and "in the wild" plenty deep!

Mark Ellington