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Fisher CZ-21 Quicksilver

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Fisher CZ-21 Quicksilver
Premium Multi-Frequency Underwater Detector Whether it be Dry Land, Saltwater or Fresh Water, the CZ-21 Delivers. Great for Surf Hunting!

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Gold Prospecting & Treasure Hunting Metal Detectors

accurate metal detectors
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Fisher 1280x Aquanaut

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Fisher 1280x Aquanaut
Proven Performance on Land or in Water.

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We sell at the same price as any Internet Promotion with Free Technical Assistance. So if you wish to talk to a expert and still save money call us today 800-662-0810

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Gold Prospecting & Treasure Hunting Metal Detectors

accurate metal detectors
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Your Choice for Under Water Beach Metal Detectors by Fisher

My 3rd detector and I like it. This Fisher is the top Water Detector to Buy

George in Florida and Delaware -
After using a PI for half year I purchased the CZ 21 with 8" coil. I really like the discrimination ability. This machine seems to go as deep as my PI. My PI has a 12" coil which is very hard to pinpoint and control in the surf. I am finding more with the CZ 21 and digging a lot less.

The CZ 21 also finds the small gold and silver. I found one small silver ring maybe 20" down in dry sand at a well worked site. This machine works great and is silent in the saltwater or the wet sand. The battery life is long. The three different tones are easy to here and always correct.
The pin pointing button takes a little time to get the hang of it, but works nice after you learn how to tap it and it pinpoints very well. Easy to ground balance. I really think it will be the only MD I use from now on. Nice shaft and headphones come with it so no extras to buy. The CZ21 Beach Detector is a great detector to Buy!

July 15, 2012

Fisher cz great detector

Todd in Us -
I previously owned a whites dfx for seven years paid $1200 for it and I never grasped the complex and difficult settings on it. The fisher is a much better detector and easer to use. I have had Great Success with the Fisher CZ21 Metal Detector.

September 15, 2011

The Fisher CZ 21 Quick Silver .If you want simplicity and a clear signal finder to be your companion, this is it! It is King under water and at beach hunting. For me this detector is so good that I sold my top of the line detector. The Fisher CZ21 Detector loves silver and gold. You must learn how to tune the machine, but when you have done it it does not lie!! I have found a real diamond ear jewelry. a little over 10 cm down in the earth. The diamond was big but the ear jewelry was so tiny! 3 gold and 9 silver rings and hundred of coins this summer.

CZ-21, an excellent land and water machine

Darryl in Sacramento, CA -
The CZ-21 bt Fisher Metal Detector is an excellent and easy to use metal detector. Once you learn to use it, you will do very well. It is easy to ground balance and it can be rod, chest, or hip mounted with no problems. It is waterproof down to 250 feet and comes with a straight rod mount that can also be used for diving. The detector, when used in the AutoTune (a wide scan all metal mode) setting is very sensitive, and its 3 tone ID makes detecting a pleasure.
If you want gold, dig the mid tones.
If you are hunting for coins, dig the high tones. If you hear a low tone - it is probably iron.

A low/medium means a possible gold target next to iron. The detector will have trouble finding tiny gold necklaces or tiny chain link bracelets unless they have a clasp, but then the other brands of water detectors also have difficulty in finding such targets.

Be sure to swing the detector coil slow in the water and you will have great success. The pinpoint button takes some getting used to, but after a while in the water you will not even bother using it. Overall, the CZ-21 is an excellent and well built detector that can be used on land or in the water. And, it is proficient in both ocean and fresh water as well as on dry or wet sand.

June 15, 2010

Cz 21 very easy

Peter in Netherlands europa -
The cz21 is a very easy machine never disc mode more then 3, then you will mis to much. It works always good in water at land at coast just wonderful. The pinpoint button is not easy you must learn to use it. I have always the ground and sensetifeti on 10, never have problems .
Very small gold you will not find, but for that you will have no problem with ground control.
I rebuild the chest belt, wear it without neck belt just around the middle. The depth is OK but not very good but good enough.

November 02, 2009

Good but not see gold chain and small gold ornaments.

Dmitry in Russia Moscow -
I have self made VLF 2 freq 7 and 14 khz micropocessor MD. Sensitivity CZ-21 in all metal mode is much better my MD, but selfmade MD see small gold ornaments and chain at 14 khz, CZ-21 dont see.

June 03, 2009 Fisher 1280x

Bill in Scotland -
I have owned and still use a Fisher 1280X bought in 1986. It provides all that I need on beaches and fresh water areas (never used it in salt water passed the edge of the ebbing tide) and has proved a reliable and lasting purchase. A real friend indeed! Happy Hunting Folks! :-)

August 23, 2012

Fisher 1280X

Recon 1 in Easter North Carolina -
I've read a few saying it's not great for salt water and to stay away from the 1280X Aquanat" I don't have any problems around salt water and I've used the 1280X often on the beach and underwater 60'+ deep for over 10 years. The only problems (minor) I've had is the battery compartment is too tights making it troublesome at times to get the cover back on. This could be because I had to replace the existing batter holder with one from Radio Shack.

September 15, 2010

Good machine

Trent Nunley in Seymour Johnston AFB NC -
I got a used 1280x off of ebay and used it everyday for two weeks on vacation at Cap Cod. Works great on the beach and land. Has real good depth, very well built and it breaks down nice to put in a kayak. Well that was a plus for me because I put the machine in my kayak and went to a little used beach and found several old coins. Two silver dimes, a few buffalo nickels, wheat pennies and a gold chain which was a nice surprise. I also found an old trash pit from the late 1800s and pulled eight cork bottles out of there.

The bad thing about the 1280 is that it is so noisy in salt water that it is a pain to use it. I had read reviews about that but being an old used machine I got a great deal on it. It still found a few old nickels and other odds and ends in the water but no telling what I left behind due to all the noise.

I have been told they work awesome in fresh water. The discrimination worked nice also. It would really knock out small iron. Good machine but if you want to get a wader for salt water stay away from the 1280x. Still a good machine to hunt on those rainy days or rivers and lakes. I am only giving it 4 stars due too poor performance in the salt water.

July 25, 2010

5 stars for using it for what it was designed for

Steve in Cleveland, OH -
I have owned a Fisher 1280X for about 14 years. In those 14 years I have used this machine to find many gold, silver and diamond rings. I have also found many silver coins (Pre 1965) and tons of old pennies plus tons of clad coins.

I have also used it as a rain detector for days when it is raining...which by the way is the best day to hunt due to ground conductivity being better when wet.

I have found that this detector is best used for
freshwater swimming holes and lakes, and
land searching where there is not a lot of trash.
It does discriminate but with noise. It will make a chit chit chit noise and not a smooth tone when finding good targets.

As far as saltwater and beach hunting goes, It is a great dry sand beach hunter with a fairly good discrimination to let you know if it is a good target or not. I have found a few gold rings down to about 13 inches with the 1280X on beaches. Just stay away from the water line at saltwater beaches. The black sand and the movement of the water under the coil will cause the machine to bark and it is very annoying making the 1280x almost useless. But get this machine's coil totally into the water away from the shoreline and this machine almost acts like a PI machine with discrimination.

I really like the idea of being able to submerse the whole machine including the headphones. The 1280X is at home best underwater. You never know when you might trip in the water and get dunked all the way. I have seen guys cover their land machines not designed for water hunting with plastic bags and watched them ruin their machines as they fell in the water. The 1280X was designed for water and for that it is fantastic.

That is why I have kept this machine for so long. It is a great fresh water hunter anywhere and a great salt water hunter if you stay away from the shore line.

This machine is very easy to use. Just 3 control knobs. Volume, Sensitivity and Discrimination. Very easy to use and understand. That is probably why so many professionals use this machine. Very simple and very effective.

The battery life is about 50 hours, 8 AA penlight batteries. I have never had any mechanical problems with the Fisher 1280x.

Once you learn how to use the 1280X and what makes what noises, you will find this machine a joy to use.

Just remember, use it for what is was designed for and it will reward you with lots of finds.

March 15, 2008

Answer for Angry In New Jersy

Adrian in Australia -
The discrimination control on the 1280x can be set to eliminate the effects of saltwater beaches and still retain good sensitivity to all metal targets. Also, because 1280x runs at 2.4khz it will not be as sensitive to small gold chains and rings as a detector that operates at 10khz and higher. The discrimination range of this detector is different to most VLF detectors. This Underwater surf beach detector is great  for hunting.

Most VLF discriminators are set with a high range metal eliminating capability but the 1280x has an extended low end range from nails through to salt and have a shortened metal eliminating range, a bit like the Whites 6000 DI PRO SL.

So it is likely that you had a quiet beach
Hope this helps,
Regards, Adrian

PS. Interested to know if you are still having problems with this detector?

January 31, 2008

Fine detector

Adrian in Australia -
I have done a lot of detecting in my day 45 years of it to be exact and have used several Fisher detectors, they are all great when used for the purpose they were designed for.

The 1280x is a waterproof VLF detector and as such is mainly designed to be used on or in fresh water lakes and streams; it will work in salt water areas, but because it is a VLF machine it will be a bit noisy. All VLF dertectors, no matter what frequency they operate on are noisy on salt water beaches.

1280X - fantastic machine

Leo Bruni in Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada -
I've had a 1280X for 5 years now, and so have my 2 friends. This machine has to be one of the best. I use it in the water (fresh) all the time, upto my waist, all day. I find objects from copper artifacts, nails, metal - you name it. I know the different sounds of copper from other metals because copper is what I'm after and have over 800 copper artifacts that I found on land and water. I keep my sensitivity at 10 (it makes a noise steady and does not bother me because it picks up items you would usually miss if it wasn't that high. My discrimination is at 2 and my volume is at about 4 to 5.

The secret is to know your machine sounds, any little tick of copper and I know the sound even with the noise from the sensitivity, I've had friends change from other machines to this one, it's great, no screw ups with screens, ground balancing and all the other bells and whistles, I can't say enough about this machine, it's all with experimenting and knowing how to use it! I've dug items as big as a coin over two feet down in water up to my waist and also great depth on land. It's the best water and land machine around.

February 14, 2005

Fisher 1280X

Jim G in USA -
I've had a 1280X for 3 years now and am very pleased with this machine, it's simple to learn the controls and built to take a beating. I use it mostly on salt water beaches but it works well on dry land as well.

September 29, 2004

Fisherlab 1280X

Rld in US beaches -
I have had a 1280x for about 8 years. At beaches it works very good in dry sand. It has good depth and pinpoints very well. In the underwater and wet sand is different story. In the water it goes off with every movement of the water or the detector. I think this is because of the movement of the sand. I set the volume at 10, the descrimination at 7, and the sensitivity at 2 or 3. The sensitivity has to be set low otherwise it beeps with every movement of water or detector as I previously mentioned. In wet sand it will sound off with every step I take if the sensitivity is not set low. Setting the sensitivity so low makes me think I am missing most targets. Why? Well I have not found very much with this machine. I have used it quite a lot on the beach and expected better results for what I paid for it.

If fresh water there is no problem with it always beeping from movement. Under water I think it would do well in fresh or salt underwater because there would be no surf or walking. I'm just not a diver. I am thinking of selling this machine and buying a Fisher CZ-21. I have heard some good things about it. The 1280X Aquanat  has been a frustrating detector to use around the beaches that I have visited.

May 06, 2004

Fisherlab 1280X

Phil Skewes in USA -
I believe this is a good machine and will find small targets. The one drawback is its sensitivity to salt water. Any verticle movement in relation to the water causes a target sound. This can be improved on by reducing the sensitivity but can be annoying. Otherwise it is a good machine.
Buy your Fisherlab, yes your Fisher metal detector today! The cz21 Quicksilver is a wonderful Underwater Detector for the  Beach. The 1280x Aquanat can be used in the Surf hunting, and in fresh water metal detecting.