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XP DEUS Water Kit

The under water kit allows every DEUS owner to take the "XP Plunge" by waterproofing either the remote or the WS-4 control pod. Included in the kit is everything needed; 1. 8 Foot Aerial Antenna, 2. Waterproof Case with XP Logo, 3. Waterproof Headphones and 4. Volume Control. Rated for snorkeling and diving to 5 meters. The DEUS is now a true all around detector - Coins, Jewelry, Relics, Gold Nuggets and now waterproof for Shallow Water and Diving!

This XP certified under water kit includes everything you need to take your DEUS in the water. Submersible to 5 Meters. Can be used with either LCD remote or WS-4 control pod.
Kit includes:

1) 8 Foot Aerial Antenna
2) Waterproof Case with XP Logo
3) Waterproof Headphones
4) Volume Control

Retail $75.00
OUR PRICE $68.00 Plus shpg.

The XP DEUS Silicone Wristband for the WS4

The XP DEUS Silicone Wristband for the WS4 control pod is now available through Authorized XP dealers in the United States and Canada.

This optional silicone wristband for the DEUS WS4 is now available. Unclip the headset control pod from the WS4 backphone and insert the pod into the wristband. With this convenient accessory you can now have easy access to the digital display of the WS4 headphone. With the optional WS4 Headphone Adapter (not included) you can also connect your own headphone.

At a glance you can see the target ID on your wrist and access all settings:

- The WS4 control pod alone can control the DEUS
- Display the Target ID on your wrist
- Connect your own headphone
- Ultra-light portable configuration
- Adjustable wristband, even over a coat
- Rainproof

Our Price $40.00

Additional Deus Accessories
1.) D3428 Large XP DEUS 13" X 11" waterproof search coil MSRP $616.00 our price $560.00 Plus shpg.

2.) D02-3428 Large XP DEUS 13" X 11" search coil cover MSRP $30.00 our price $$27.00 Plus shpg.

3.) D01 Standard XP DEUS 9" waterproof search coil MSRP $532.00 our price $484.00 Plus shpg.

4.) D02 Standard XP DEUS 9 inch search coil cover MSRP$21.00 our price $19.00 Plus shpg.

5.) D0892 XP DEUS emergency charger MSRP $24.00 our price $22.00 Plus shpg.

6.) D0893 XP DEUS car charger MSRP $24.00 our price $22.00 Plus shpg.

7.) XP0684 XP DEUS detector carry bag MSRP $50.00 our price $45.00 Plus shpg.

8.) DCUSB1 XP DEUS cable USB 1 mini B to download software MSRP $21.00 our price $19.00 Plus shpg.

Prices on all other parts and accessories available on request


  • Discrimination
  • Sensitivity
  • Ground Balance
  • 4 Multi-Tones + Pitch
  • 4 Frequencies (4 kHz, 8 kHz, 12 kHz, 18 kHz )
  • 9 Factory Programs
  • Volume Control
  • Coil Change



  • Wireless
  • Built in Operational Controls
  • Foldable and Ergonomic
  • Weatherproof
  • Lithium Powered with Long Battery Life: 27 Hours
  • Fast Charge USB Protocol: 2 Hours
  • Larger LCD Screen than the WS4
  • Indicates the Battery Level of Headphone and Search Coil
  • Target ID
  • Adjustable Size
  • Lightweight: 9 Ounces (255 g)

The WS5 features a removable cover
for convenient usb charging

Deus Headphones

The WS5 headphones are designed to work with the
XP Deus Metal Detector

Deus Headphones LCD Display
The large LCD display allows the user to control the following on the XP DEUS: discrimination, sensitivity, ground balance, tones, pitch, frequency, factory programs, volume and coil change.

Folded Deus Headphones

The WS-5 can be folded for safe and easy transport in a back pack,
carry bag or luggage.

XP WS5 Wireless Headphone for the Deus
List Price $470 OUR PRICE $429.00 Plus Shipping

New Accessories for XP DEUS Metal Detector:

XP DEUS WS4 Wireless Headphone Adapter

XP DEUS WS4 Clip-JackConvenient headphone jack output adapter attaches to the back of the WS4 headphone LCD earcup. Allows the use of an alternative headphone of your choice. Built in audio jack output (3.5mm, 1/8). Use the WS4 display in your pocket or in a waterproof armband. See the target ID on the LCD. The WS4 can now be used as a small but very efficient remote to adjust the most important settings. MSRP $24.00 – Part Number: D099

XP DEUS Foldable Wired Backphone with Volume Adjustment

XP DEUS foldable wired backphone headphoneThis latest version contains a rugged headband for extra durability. These lightweight Backphones are a great option to keep on hand as a backup or spare headphone in the field. Three part foldable design for easy transport. Contains a 6.3mm jack adapter and volume control. Fits securely on the back of your head. MSRP $22.00 – Part Number: FX-02

XP DEUS Solar Charging Unit

Solar charging unit for XP DEUS metal detectorGo “Green” and let Mother Nature charge your DEUS metal detector. This XP approved solar charging unit safely charges your DEUS Headset, Search Coil and Remote simultaneously. Quickly and easily charge your DEUS when you find yourself in a remote location. MSRP $150.00 – Part Number: DSOLAR